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Support Who Is The SCI? today and join the fight to protect the World's wildlife from trophy hunters. Your donation directly supports our outreach efforts and supplies supporters with the tools they need to take a stand against trophy hunting.

Let's Make A Change

Here is why we need your donation. 


We want activist and their cause to be taken seriously, which is why we design and provide professionally crafted posters with a cohesive and powerful message that lets our opponents know we mean business.


Knowledge Is power and it is our duty as activists to educate the public and promote informed decision-making. Our literature dispels the myths and misinformation surrounding trophy hunting.​

Outreach Campaigns

Outreach campaigns are a highly effective way of getting the word out to local communities and making connections with people who are in line with your mission. Outreach events also allow you to share in meaningful dialogue with people, often inspiring them to take action and join

in your cause.​

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